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How good are the Windows "Gaming" Tablets for PC gaming?

#1GamingLabletPosted 8/22/2014 2:23:19 PM
Like the Razor Edge Pro, and the surface pro 3? Can they handle the majority of PC games atleast 720p resolution, 30fps on low settings?
#2ChickenAndJuicePosted 8/22/2014 2:58:54 PM
Not good at all
#3Jeffw88Posted 8/22/2014 3:08:37 PM
Razor Edge Pro may be able to handle majority of pc games at 720p on medium-low since they have nVidia gpu 640m, but surface pro 3 only has Intel iris igp it would perform worse than edge.
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#4KaiserWarriorPosted 8/22/2014 3:10:26 PM


Pick one.
#5koujimorenoPosted 8/22/2014 3:17:36 PM
There's a such thing as gaming tablets? Learn something new everyday...
#6drinkPosted 8/22/2014 3:22:24 PM
I was able to do light gaming on my surface pro 2
Razor Edge Pro will do fine, but its $$$$$
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#7_GRIM_FANDANGO_Posted 8/22/2014 4:03:18 PM
I would like to use them to play adventure games when sitting on the couch.

Not much else.
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#8Fade2black001Posted 8/22/2014 4:08:19 PM(edited)
KaiserWarrior posted...


Pick one.

A tablet is NOT the same as a laptop.
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#9ChickenAndJuicePosted 8/22/2014 4:10:56 PM
A tablet is NOT the same as a laptop.

Nice observation there, derpcake. Thanks for stating the obvious
#10GamingLablet(Topic Creator)Posted 8/22/2014 5:51:05 PM
@Jeff nice. Hows the battery life for most PC games with the razor ? under those minimal settings of course