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How good are the Windows "Gaming" Tablets for PC gaming?

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User Info: Dragnfyr

2 years ago#11
Jeffw88 posted...
Razor Edge Pro may be able to handle majority of pc games at 720p on medium-low since they have nVidia gpu 640m, but surface pro 3 only has Intel iris igp it would perform worse than edge.

Surface Pro 3 only has Intel HD 4200, 4400, or 5000.
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User Info: Chargers_31

2 years ago#12
Fade2black001 posted...
KaiserWarrior posted...


Pick one.

A tablet is NOT the same as a laptop.

That's why he said pick one.

User Info: ChromaticAngel

2 years ago#13
they are prone to overheating, would not recommend gaming anything other than older GOG software even if the integrated graphics is powerful enough to handle it.
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User Info: Explicit Dank

Explicit Dank
2 years ago#14
My Venue Pro 8 can play Skyrim, X:com and such on low settings, so I imagine most newer tablets could run at least that level of game on medium settings.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

2 years ago#15
You have to acknowledge the fact that any tablet is only useful for a specific type of gaming. Nobody in the Android and iOS camps can strut around bragtrolling their platform's AAA releases. When you game on a Windows tablet, you can primarily play tablet games.

That said, since non-RT Windows is backward compatible, you can theoretically play a bunch of old games (available at your friendly that primarily use the mouse for interaction via screen-pokes.

User Info: EciDemon

2 years ago#16
while I'm not interested in tablet gaming or such to me the better option would be the nVidia shield gaming tablet and then do the game streaming.
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User Info: blablablax17

2 years ago#17
I can play anything (with low settings and great fps) on my Surface Pro 2.
I imagine the Pro 3 is slightly better.

No idea about that other thing tho.
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User Info: GamingLablet

2 years ago#18
do you ever come into issues with battery life, or even heat on your SP2?

User Info: FantasticGabe

2 years ago#19
KaiserWarrior posted...


Pick one.

Some people can't move on. Tablet's wont run much, but modern laptops will run things pretty fine. Not as good as a Desktop, obviously, but still good for a portable solution.
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User Info: Jrambharose

2 years ago#20
SP3 has serious issues with heat and cpu throttling, I wouldn't recommend getting one for gaming.
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