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What is your best game of all time?

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2 years ago#51
Castlevania 3, I liked being able to change to different characters, and choosing my path.
2 years ago#52
Really hard this but I'd have to go on number of times played: Baldur's Gate 2
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2 years ago#53
Dragon Quest 8

It has one of the best overworlds in history, beautiful art style, simple but fun battle system, interesting (but not convoluted) story, excellent balance of story progression and open-world exploration, lots of side quests, post-game extra content, and excellent music. Basically the perfect RPG (which is my favorite genre).

Runners-up from other genres:

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
Super Mario World
Donkey Kong Country 2
Resident Evil 4
Team Fortress 2
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2 years ago#54
Good call on Final Fantasy VI. I've played it for more hours than I care to remember. I simply love the characters, the gameplay, the setting... Everything simply hits the spot.

I'm curious about the iOS port.
2 years ago#55
A toss-up between Heroes of might and magic 3 and Team fortress 2.
2 years ago#56
FFIX, I've personally never played anything that compares to it. I also played it just recently so it isn't nostalgia.
2 years ago#57
Deus Ex. Brilliant story, so much re-playability. Dialogue is great
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2 years ago#58
Mass Effect 3. Amazing characters, epic moments, nice customization
2 years ago#59
Super Mario RPG

Words cannot describe how much i love this game, from the story, to the humor, to the level design to the soundtrack.

If i could pick a series it would be the Timesplitters series hands down. I would throw 200 dollars down right now if it meant i could have an all new Timesplitters experience.
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2 years ago#60
Battlefront 2
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