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What is your best game of all time?

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1 year ago#71
Monster Hunter 3.
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1 year ago#72
Final Fantasy IV

I love Cecil's path of repentance from being a dark knight to becoming a paladin, and him having to learn to forgive his brother. I have played that game a million times since I first played it as FF2 on the SNES.

My favorite version is the DS version.
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1 year ago#73
Really tough to say Chrono Trigger, Kotor, Xenoblade Chronicles and Bioshock are up there for sure. There are probably others I can't think of either. For me I can never really pick one game as my absolute favorite.
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1 year ago#74
My personal is Mario 64. Literally a step into a whole new world for me
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1 year ago#75
PC: Half Life 2

Overall: Final Fantasy VIII, my first RPG.
1 year ago#76
Super Metroid. Still just as fun to play over 20 years later
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1 year ago#77
Day of Defeat: Source. I can't really put my finger on why I loved this game so much but over the years I've gone back to it again and again and again.
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1 year ago#78
The guy who said ff9 and the guy who said lotd: let's be friends
1 year ago#79
Final Fantasy IX.

The characters, story, music, the world, just about everything was so good. I'll still play this game 20 years from now.
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1 year ago#80
I'm always torn when asked this question. I usually say Final Fantasy IV(II in the US) and Legend of Dragoon.

But for the sake of this topic, gunna have to go with Legend of Dragoon for the PS1.

All time favorite.
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