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How long does an EVGA RMA take?

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User Info: Lord_Vader

2 years ago#1
So apparently my card got to their office on Friday. But I haven't heard anything about my RMA. How long should I expect to wait until my new card arrives?
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User Info: Winpus

2 years ago#2
Less than a week to process if I remember correctly. It may depend on the problem. Then they'll send it standard shipping. I doubt they're going to do anything with it on the weekends though.

User Info: Shub

2 years ago#3
I had an RMA with them about a month ago. If I recall correctly, they didn't communicate with me at all upon receiving my package, but they did process it quickly, within a couple of business at the most. Then I just got an email telling me that they had shipped my replacement.
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User Info: ElDudorino

2 years ago#4
Hope it's not too long. I wasn't impressed with the dude who took my call but as long as they ship me a replacement quickly and it works then I'm good.

Mailing them a card tomorrow.
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