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What was your catalyst for becoming a PC gamer?

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9 months ago#91
While having played games like Wolfy 3D, Doom, and Myst at friends' houses, it wasn't until Xmas of '97 when I played Diablo and Myth: The Fallen Lords that I went out and figured out how to build a rig of my own that would run those immediately.
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9 months ago#92
Piracy and emulators
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9 months ago#93
Selection of games, game sales, KB+M control, free online.
9 months ago#94
When I got a PC back in high school. 95, I think? Anyway, it was a 386SX and would only play The 11th Hour in black and white, and not very well.

Or did you mean one of those people who refuse to play games on anything but PC? Because that never happened.
You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.
9 months ago#95
For me, graduating and getting a job.

Then again, I'm only paid modest amount of salary and I have to think about the necessities, so I only went for what I thought the best. PC lets you play games AND do so many other things with it. The choice was pretty much made for me before I even thought of it.
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9 months ago#96
The fact that I had a PC, and had games I could play on said PC.

Then there's also emulators...
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9 months ago#97
Runescape existed.
Hilariously enough, my two childhood friends played it, and I played it because of them.
Too bad I don't have friends anymore.
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9 months ago#98
Steam sales. I could only get a few games a year as a console gamer. Or wait several years to wait for a $60 game drop to something like $15(Waited 4 for RDR and was severely disappointed). So I used some savings to build myself a really nice rig at the time for $800 and now for the price I would spend to buy 3-4 games a year, I can buy 10x that. I don't even need to upgrade my system unless I want to take full advantage of my 144hz monitor to keep up with the modern systems.

FPS games with a kb+m and a 120/144hz monitor is absolutely godly.
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9 months ago#99
Nothing. I originally played on PC's and on consoles for that matter.
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9 months ago#100
I had the money to buy a pc.
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