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Build a Computer For $500-600

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10 months ago#1
Hey Gfaqs,

My friend is looking to get into PC gaming, (hoorah!) while I don't mind building the computer, I am a little bit on the lazy side for part picking haha. I have a spare copy of Windows 7 and he has a monitor, so it would just need to be the base parts. He said no more than $600, but wants to keep it close to $500. If you guys can help, that'd be awesome.

Thanks Gfaqs
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10 months ago#2
go with amd. can you get to a microcenter?
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10 months ago#3
He's your friend. You build it.
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10 months ago#4
Or you could search on here.
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10 months ago#5
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10 months ago#6
You may find this article helpful too, TC.

Read some of the comments there also.
10 months ago#7

That motherboard can also take any 1150 Intel CPU so your friend can upgrade the CPU to an i5 or something down the road if they want more power. Spend the extra $50 on a good mouse or something.

Here's a system for $300 with a step down in the GPU and ram amount. Still a decent rig.
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10 months ago#8

EDIT: Also
Guitar_Hero_Guy posted...

Stop that.
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10 months ago#9
Your friend should buy PS4 instead.
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10 months ago#10
Guitar_Hero_Guy posted...
He said no more than $600, but wants to keep it close to $500.

Then do this:
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