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Why do people like Skyrim?

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1 year ago#1
It isn't even good.
1 year ago#2
Dood... KC
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1 year ago#3
I have never understood why they directly replace Oblivion Gates with dragons. Or Ayleid ruins with Nordic crypts. It's like the devs sat down and said "So this thing sucked in Oblivion, let's replace it with something that sucks only a little bit less."
1 year ago#4
Hating on Skyrim has been a hipster trend since 2012.
1 year ago#5
Skyrim isn't good.
Oblivion isn't good.
All the Fallouts aren't good.
Kotor isn't good.
1 year ago#6
there's no present like the present
1 year ago#7
Why do you keep making the same topic all the time trying to bash on skyrim and piss people off?
Divided by night...
1 year ago#8
Mods, Graphics, THUNDER STORMS.
1 year ago#9
Because they find it fun, which is subjective.

You don't find it fun, and that's okay. But telling other people that they can't like it because it didn't meet your refined hardcore standards is not okay.
*Turn Evil can now be cast on players. When used, it applies a small goatee and causes them to explain their diabolical plans while steepling their fingers.
1 year ago#10
I liked vanilla Skyrim,

on 360,

come at me.
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