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Would you guys like persona 5 on pc?

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User Info: PhilOnDez

2 years ago#21
Persona is about as modern day as it gets, P3 took place in 2008, P4 was in 2011. You have cellphones and wander around a modern city/town respectively, in 4 even the dungeons are fairly modern, one of them is even video game inspired. 3 and 4 actually start with the protagonist getting off a train just like most Japanese people do every day, and the new trailer for 5 seems to be pointing towards that exact same start as well. This is all providing I'm reading your post right and you're complaining about trying to get into a fantasy game while being surrounded by urban sprawl, with the theme of P5 apprently being urban sprawl.

As for do I want it on PC, sure. It may end up being the catalyst for me getting a PS4 but I think it'll mostly depend on how it runs on PS3. If it's half as bad as Hyperdimension Neptunia (I swear it runs at 20 FPS, I can literally see the individual frames in dungeons) I'll probably hold out for a PS4 price drop and pick it up then.
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User Info: Judgmenl

2 years ago#22
It still has horrible battle mechanics and is glorified rock paper scissors. Software Engineer
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User Info: KOTRwhoops

2 years ago#23
Yes, but I'm not that bothered as I have a PS4.
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User Info: kblaze13

2 years ago#24
Won't happen but yeah I'd get it.

I have a PS4 so I'll still have it but would definitely prefer to see it on PC.
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

2 years ago#25
Not fan of Persona series but why not?
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User Info: Tempest717

2 years ago#26
Yeah, if I can avoid buying a PS4 that'd be awesome.
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User Info: xGreenthunderx

2 years ago#27
it would be nice but i already own a ps3 and ps4. so im not going to waste my time port begging and signing petitions for every hit console game that comes out.

User Info: MarceloSampaio

2 years ago#28
I would LOVE it, and would buy day-1.

I LOVE the Persona games. ^^
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User Info: Axtlar

2 years ago#29
No, but I'd love me some SMT. Have a 3ds for that, but it'd be nice to play on PC.
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User Info: DetectiveZ

2 years ago#30
Love to play it, but I really don't see it fitting on the PC.
Extremely hyped for it though.
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