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#41Lemur_HPosted 9/1/2014 1:43:09 PM
Sergei_Dukanov gonna get SWATTED.
#42CaptainKatsuraPosted 9/1/2014 1:44:20 PM
I'd do them in the bum,right there and then.

That'll teach them to break into my home.
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#43Sergei_DukanovPosted 9/1/2014 1:54:13 PM
Lemur_H posted...
Sergei_Dukanov gonna get SWATTED.

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#44Sergei_DukanovPosted 9/1/2014 1:55:59 PM
dementedlullaby posted...
Sergei_Dukanov posted...
They can take the damn games. The legos will cause me to shoot them. I dont mind replacing a few games. Ill be damned if I have to replace all my legos. Buts its a tough call. Since if I shoot the perpetrator and he survives, he can sue me. If he doesnt survive, then his family can sue me. So I would rather rig the house full of explosives so I have no regrets.

And this is the next dude that will end up in jail for 25 years on terrorism charges. XD

Ever see a water heater explode? Doesn't have to be any real explosives. Stuff goes wrong all the time!
FX 8350 R9 290 crossfire.
#45gameplayer6458Posted 9/1/2014 2:01:49 PM
If someone broke into my house, I would charge at them with the nearest blunt object. Nobody touches my games. Nobody.

Although my house was burgled when I was younger. Stole my GameCube and a few games. They were all in the wrong cases. I would still have Wind Waker if not for that.
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#46Offspring7Posted 9/1/2014 2:03:14 PM
Well if someone is robbing me period, I'd defend my property, unless it meant getting shot. If they're stealing my games, I have no reason to believe they would stop there.
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#47YombieePosted 9/1/2014 2:07:28 PM(edited)
We assume all cops have the same integrity as we assumed gaming journalists did, the world doesn't work exactly how it's portrayed to be. I've actually had spoken with many officers and sheriffs in my day, in fact in my youth I wanted to join the force, thanks to a videogame, swat 2 by sierra.

I think that the point of it is, if someone's breaking into your house to cause you harm, you have every right to defend yourself and fight for your life as well as others. I don't condone murder, but I do condone self defense. Most gun fights happen in less than 11 feet away.

But as a serious point here, if there was a serious break in, what you would want to do is increase the amount of time between you and your aggressor. The more doors between you an them, the more seconds you have to live. Even if you have a phone that is out of service they still are able to dial 911, so keep one in your safe spot powered off but fully charged. These situations are best dealt with by the authorities, however, it's also true that most authorities merely respond to situations, rather than stop on-going ones... it's just the nature of it all. Cops and robbers, they're always chasing. And for the bad guys, they aren't criminals until a crime has been committed. At least, that's what we're supposed to think, right?
#48Gump_the_GreatPosted 9/1/2014 2:12:00 PM
yea, when i saw the poll i kind of thought to myself "hope he can steal the cloud then, cause my library is on Steam".
#49Ertrick36Posted 9/1/2014 2:27:15 PM
I'll give the guy a gentle pat on the back and whisper, "You're doing a good job," whilst helping him load up his truck/car/satchel.

I might get sued by the guy for sexual harassment, but it'll be worth it to see the guy's face when he has to tell everyone what happened.
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#50zeppo_basicPosted 9/1/2014 2:33:20 PM
My vigor would be dependant on how close my shotgun is to me...