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2 years ago#81
Lemur_H posted...
I wouldn't defend my video games. I'd defend my home. The video games can go f*** themselves if someone is breaking in. They're not important.

Same here the house is more important. I hate people just break in to steal stuff you work hard on.
Originally Posted by Manicdan
using a OCed quad for torrenting is like robbing your local video store with a rocket launcher.
2 years ago#82
I'd pull some Home Alone-style hijinx, with paint buckets over doors, electrified door knobs, and ice-covered staircases. I do have a few days to prepare, right?
... even on Earth Mode.
2 years ago#83
Fayceless posted...
Where I live (Texas) you can absolutely defend yourself from an intruder on the assumption that they pose a threat to you and/or your family. It's a perfectly reasonable assumption and I'm glad I don't have to worry about legal repercussions for self-defense. (though as I stated, no way would I put myself in danger over some games!)

Although my state isn't listed on the "castle doctrine" wikipedia page, anybody who knows Texas, knows nobody's getting in trouble for defending their home here.

Texas has 'Stand Your Ground' laws though doesn't it? That'd be why, basically your body is your castle. Similar, but not quite the same.
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2 years ago#84
Most people defend their property and possessions with their life, this is because in the West property is sort of considered an extension of the body, because most people who own property and possessions actually used their body and life-capacity to earn it.

Even kids who haven't worked for their toys will cling onto them if a bully tries to take it from them, at the risk of being hurt.

Adults fight muggers alot, you might think people just hand over their wallet? But that's what you're taught to do, your instinct is to fight. And instinct > teachings when you're in the heat of the moment.

Long story short, trying to take anyone's possessions or property? Expect resistance. Unless they're a coward or outgunned.
2 years ago#85
It'd be an epic battle with spent brass everywhere.
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2 years ago#86
SinisterSlay posted...
Lemur_H posted...
SpazH3d posted...
Unless he is going to steal all my passwords (which I haven't written down), then why would I care? Digital games, you know.

If i lived in america I would just shoot the burglar. Isn't that how it works?

Depends on the state. I live in Oklahoma. I don't think it's legal to shoot anyone in my home unless they're a very clear threat to me. That's where the law gets really stupid. They're in my damn home...

Aim for the knee cap.

Yeah no. Nothing says "not legitimately in fear for their life" like dicking around aiming to wound. Either you're trying to kill an intruder in your home you believe to be a threat to your safety or you're playing around with technicalities when you probably could've avoided pulling the trigger. Or possibly worse you could end up a candidate for a darwin award.

You pull a gun on someone you better damn well be prepared to end them.
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2 years ago#87
This topic is going places...
2 years ago#88
Good luck to a burglar getting into my place, I would hear them before they could even try getting into my apartment. My bed is next the only window of my apartment, with a blind over it, outside is a balcony off that you would have to climb up to get onto. My front door is solid and there's no way of not making sound at the door to break in, I would even be able to hear keys movement.

They could try to rob me, but I would be easily prepared.
2 years ago#89
Orestes417 posted...
Yeah no.

Heh. I won't be taking advice from people on GameFAQs on ending someones life or maiming them.
2 years ago#90
This was a little statistic gamefaqs posted yesterday just typed it differently
"i quit".. (brawl code:0302 4058 6830).
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