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Games you got burned out on, after spending LOTS of time on them.

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2 years ago#1
I'm not talking about getting burned out on the latest AAA in a few days, or a few weeks or months, I'm talking about getting burned out on a game you've played for a few or even several YEARS.

It happens, and there's that feeling of emptiness but also positive relief because you realize you're really done with it this time and now you have the opportunity to find another game you can dedicate to, or even use your spare time for other (healthier) things, instead.

But it's not just that, many of us who have played a game for a decade have always played other games, and done other things. It's just that we're finally burned out on the game that was always there, to go to. And the thought of modding doesn't remove the feeling, cuz you're still dealing with the same structure and "spirit" of the game, which is also what you're burned out on - the game in entirety, in essence.

It HAPPENS, and when you're so intimate with and knowledgeable of a particular game, when you can rehearse it's multiplicity of potentials in your mind, step by step in extreme and vivid detail, while awake or asleep in dreams, but you now no longer actually want to PLAY IT, it's a really strange feeling.

Baldur's Gate 2.
2 years ago#2
Getting burned out is for casuals.
2 years ago#3
Angry birds.
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2 years ago#4
Vanilla Diablo 2. I can't touch D2 anymore without Median XL
2 years ago#5
This happens all the time with Fallout: New Vegas for me. I'll get another playthrough done, burn myself out, come back to it some time down the road.
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2 years ago#6
Well over 4000 hours on Team Fortress 2, I'm not really feeling the motivation to play it as much as I used to.
Still, a new update can at least get me to boot up the game, and I'm really liking the new rd_asteroid map (perhaps BECAUSE it's Stalemate Hell).
2 years ago#7
This actually happens a lot to me, I tend to play games for hours to no end and then I take a huge break from them. Skyrim is a very good example. Took me 300+ hours to get burned out though.
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2 years ago#8
I had like 3k+ hours in CS 1.6 and I stopped playing it around 2009.
I played it maybe 100 hours only in 4 years up until this spring when I got CSGO.
It's starting to get interesting again. <.<

Same with dota, had nearly 2k hours, stopped playing it in 2008, came back when dota2 was releasd.

I also had like 1.5k hours in wow, got almost all gear I wanted, then WOTLK came and I simply didn't have the will to go all over again.
2 years ago#9
I drink YOUR milkshake
2 years ago#10
Myself9 posted...

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