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First PC FPS you played

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2 years ago#11
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2 years ago#12
Dark Forces 2.
2 years ago#13
I think mine was either C&C Renegade or Halflife, or at least those are the ones that stand out in my memory =]
2 years ago#14
Doom shareware version.....I played that first chapter so many times lol.
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2 years ago#15
I honestly don't know. Probably Doom but I can't be sure.
2 years ago#16
Doom or doom 2
Dood... KC
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2 years ago#17
Golden Eye.

Sue me!
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2 years ago#18
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2 years ago#19
Probably Chex Quest, maybe Dark Forces.

I've loaded Chex Quest up in GZDoom a few times over the last few years, still very fun.
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2 years ago#20
I believe either Doom or Redneck Rampage.
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