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First PC FPS you played

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2 years ago#251
a687947 posted...
Pretty sure it was duke nukem 3d lol

That was the same for me- I got the shareware disk with a Duke Nukem toy when I was a child. Ah the old days when you could market heavily R-rated things to kids and no one would lose their ****!

See also: Aliens, RoboCop and The Terminator toys.
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2 years ago#252
I have never played one.
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2 years ago#253
Pretty sure it was Wolfenstein 3D.
2 years ago#254
Wolfenstein 3D. Nuff said.
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2 years ago#255
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2 years ago#256
Wolfenstein 3D. Followed by Spear of Destiny and Doom.
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2 years ago#257
Wolfenstein 3D. On my Dad's coworker's computer. On the Air Force base. Thanks tax payers!
2 years ago#258
Doom in the elementary school computer club. What was supposed to be an opportunity to learn about PCs and programs and word processing and all that boring crap was really just an hour and a half to play as much Doom and SimCity as possible
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2 years ago#259
Chasm: The Rift
2 years ago#260
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