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thief board is dead. anyone know how to fix this

#11kickthegnome(Topic Creator)Posted 9/4/2014 8:11:39 AM
SpazH3d posted...
Are you talking about texture pop-in? Like the texture will appear really low res and blurry, then fill in and look normal? Because that's normal with games on unreal engine 3. This can also be the level of detail (LOD) working its magic.

If you're saying the game looks broken, trying verifying your game cache from steam. Right click the game and go to properties, then the local files tab.

yeah texture pop in. Like i'll turn my back to a door, and turn back to look at it and it'll be low-res and blurry then suddenly looks normal.

I've never really noticed it on ur3 engine games. This is the first game i'm really seeing it on.