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Is there an extension on Chrome for frequent Facebook users that blocks....

#1R0N1N187Posted 9/3/2014 8:27:06 PM(edited)
potentially bad websites? My parents enjoy browsing Facebook, but sometimes their friends post these unknown links I've never heard of or some kind of phishing website and they think its okay to click on it since it came from their friends. Is there something that blocks this kind of stuff?
#2TalksPosted 9/3/2014 8:30:38 PM
chrome automatically blocks known phishing sites
#3PathlessBulletPosted 9/3/2014 8:32:50 PM
Have them read this:
ADD, no. Where is the thread for Fallout OCD players?
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#4KaiRyusakiPosted 9/3/2014 8:34:55 PM
I use web of trust (wot). It puts a red/yellow/green circle next to site URLs and tells you why they're trustworthy or not trustworthy.
#5R0N1N187(Topic Creator)Posted 9/3/2014 8:37:44 PM
Talks posted...
chrome automatically blocks known phishing sites

Yeah but is there any way to block out the other websites that it does let through? Some of them I've never even heard of.