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Is Civ: Beyond Earth.....

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9 months ago#11
Stopthink posted...
I'd be more hyped if the alien worlds looked more like alien worlds. They look like Earth but with some twists, which is why it looks so much like a reskin.

the issue here is humans kind of need certain things in order to survive, it's not like complete scifi where we can just terraform any planet of any condition to suit our needs.

So there has to be strong similarities between the "alien worlds" and Earth.
Iightningz posted...
I hate Lightning.
9 months ago#12
I didn't know how to vote. On one hand, Civ 5 was excellent, so it wouldn't be a bad thing, on the other hand I haven't played or seen enough footage of Civ BE, so I honestly don't know.

My brain hurts, I must lay down.
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9 months ago#13
We don't know, it's not out.

But from the look of it, no.
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9 months ago#14
I'm buying it either way. It looks like an enjoyable game. It's easily my most anticipated game this year.
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