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4k is way too early now (Archived)
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MaryJHappy452/3 8:22PM
Pixels (Archived)larmes_du_h3ros22/3 7:44PM
What hardware improvement can help with drafting programs, namely AutoCAD? (Archived)InfestedAdam82/3 7:43PM
What is the best looking game so far in 4k? (Archived)
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Waytoodeep03152/3 7:18PM
Has Endless Legend gone on sale yet? (Archived)BadKarma_JT92/3 6:48PM
Do you play/own PC, console, both, neither? (Poll)
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TrulyEpicLawls1152/3 6:36PM
PC newbert here. How do I know what part I should replace? (Archived)
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Ultima_Weapon33182/3 6:10PM
Best low profile card on the market? (Archived)Garage_Man62/3 6:02PM
How to delete your history from a search box? (Archived)
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megamanzero1000212/3 5:53PM