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C/D: The first few CoD titles were actually fun before they went fast paced. (Poll)
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MrMonkhouse10211/9 8:38PM
Witcher 3 will this be enough specs to run 720p 60fps or even 1080p??? (Archived)urukhai2005711/9 8:37PM
Can you bind multiple controller buttons to one function and vice versa? (Archived)EvilBeards311/9 8:06PM
How many more years on my build can I run games at Ultra/high with 30+ fps? (Archived)Chanfan02211/9 7:53PM
so, any good games similar to Monkey Island or Shadowgate to reccomend? (Archived)supermegablox611/9 7:45PM
RAM speeds (Archived)
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mrtywer1311/9 7:23PM
Any good colored [portable] headphones out there? (Archived)urmomishawt04311/9 7:22PM
What can we as PC gamers do to kill Zynga? (Archived)
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KamenRiderBlade3111/9 7:09PM
where is the best place to buy AC unity and DA Inquisition? (Archived)Billy Trance311/9 7:08PM
internet speed went drastically down (Archived)dennis941012911/9 7:04PM
Continuing my Baldur's Gate topic... (Archived)
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nominturddaddy1311/9 7:03PM
Your favorite game beginning with the letter: G (Archived)
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moonflow21318911/9 7:02PM
Does anyone know how to unlock the 30 fps cap in Spore? (Archived)
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Pepys Monster1211/9 7:02PM
AsRockZ68 problem (Archived)mysticvegeta17211/9 6:54PM
I recently just brought a GTX 970..... (free game question) (Archived)Dark__Throne311/9 6:47PM
Help recommend me a M-Atx case! (Archived)Flakcon211/9 6:22PM
Uh... Chrome just said something super weird (internet being controlled?) (Archived)locky723711/9 6:19PM
Do you guys think Hybrids are worth buying? (Poll)Knighted Dragon811/9 5:18PM
Does the free games come IN the BOX with the graphics card or is it sent to you? (Archived)GuilmonDX911/9 5:15PM
what's the sort of grinding noise my pc makes? (Archived)Accolon411/9 5:11PM