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Rise of the Tomb Raider PC - Will it require Steam? Can my PC run it?
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Terrible Demo Idea
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The Witness will be $40
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Getting back into Mincraft with friends. Best realistic texture/shader packs?boochy51/20/2016
My Corsair K70 keyboard has gone berserk.Pepys Monster31/20/2016
Have you ever been through data loss? How significant?
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Layers of Fear gets a release date - Feb 16thpothocket81/20/2016
Difficulty of FTL vs. Darkest Dungeon
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How big of a case do you have?
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Problem with windows 10 remembering device settingsLootman31/20/2016
Heroes of might and magic VII - any good?
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Blade and Soul has some of the worst queues I've ever seen...
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Thoughts on the AMD Nano? Also do you think the new GPUs will lower costs
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Source: AMD to cut price of Fury GPUECOsvaldo21/20/2016
The Nomad Soul for FreeJust_Wanna_Play21/20/2016
Ryse worth $10?
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Chrome gaming add-ons steal your Steam inventoryECOsvaldo11/20/2016
Anyone using a steam link? And if so how do you like.kryptonsson51/20/2016
Please help, My WD Elemental 10b8 isnt showing up on 'My Computer'!digitalwill2000101/20/2016
X-Blades and Street Racing Syndicate(both on Steam) are both currently free!
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