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This may be an unpopular opinion, but who else thought The Witcher 1 > 2? (Archived)
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BendoHendo392/26 1:58PM
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I may pick up a new ethernet cable (Archived)
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angelXboy192/26 1:20PM
Anybdoy want (Archived)sonic_man0022/26 1:15PM
How exactly are you supposed to cool videocards in crossfire or sli (Archived)popping4it42/26 1:06PM
I have an addiction to.... (Archived)
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lost_within212/26 1:00PM
Looking for a high/good quality microphone for under 10 pounds on (Archived)Kikoman58932/26 12:42PM
Elder Scrolls Online beta codes (Archived)Epicness201212/26 12:26PM
Pc Build Help (Budget) (Archived)TruePhilosopher42/26 12:19PM
What are you currently playing? Is it any good? (Archived)
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lazy_titan882/26 11:35AM
I want a laptop/tablet hybrid with some processing power (Archived)
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tote_all142/26 11:20AM
looking on ebay my GTX 580 sells for $190~ completed listing. (Archived)returnofbeans52/26 10:40AM
Worth waiting for Steam Sale? (Archived)
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paulezz252/26 10:15AM
Are there any decent laptops without chiclet keys? (Archived)Zachnorn52/26 10:07AM
Upgrade from GTX 560 to 750Ti ? (Archived)LordVy62/26 9:49AM
Does anybody want to trade something for an ESO Beta key of mine? (Archived)__Cam__62/26 9:45AM
DirectX and OpenGL are getting low level access (Archived)
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revolver162/26 9:35AM
how do you turn off skydrive in 8.1 (Archived)xcmon3yx272/26 9:09AM
Avast anti virus chest question (Archived)HaxnStash12/26 8:45AM