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Can PC gaming ever catch up to console gaming in popularity? (Archived)
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ProwdRedNeck2011/4 10:20PM
Did anyone ever play Madness Interactive? (Archived)A_Brown_Man_Can111/4 10:16PM
How do I install Windows 7 on my HDD without losing the stuff I backed up on it. (Archived)-geno3883-511/4 10:15PM
Anybody ever have a problem with annotations on Youtube not working? (Archived)Whitemike20052111/4 10:10PM
To all the COD fans... (Archived)PresidentDoge511/4 9:15PM
Looking for headset (Archived)thasnipermaster611/4 9:06PM
Console gamer wants to switch to PC, few questions (Archived)
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shinchikudo1411/4 9:04PM
do you think pc gaming can become an addiction? (Archived)GameVisions411/4 8:30PM
1 month later - was hatred worthy of the upset in the pc gaming community? (Archived)GameVisions311/4 8:21PM
Interesting piece of history that could have changed everything. (Archived)Pokenub1011/4 8:00PM
In your opinon, which of these two highly competitive Arcade/Arena FPS games (Poll)
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KillerzOverHere1111/4 8:00PM
Has there ever been a game, first/only one in its series, that got rated 10/10? (Archived)
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ItsKaljinyuTime1411/4 7:50PM
A good desktop for LPs and Streaming for the PS3? (Archived)SkiethXInnis811/4 6:26PM
Weird mouse input problems; timing related maybe? (Archived)DarkZV2Beta211/4 6:25PM
Are Seasonic G-Series PSUs any good? (Archived)
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_DH19CM_2311/4 6:21PM
I currently have much slower download speed than my upload speed. I'm on FiOS. (Archived)LyokoNinja511/4 6:14PM
I just discovered the Humongous Entertainment bundles on Steam. (Archived)LyokoNinja311/4 6:01PM
anyone still playing ffxi? (Archived)auginiste111/4 5:55PM
How can I tell if I have malware? (Archived)
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SkaterUB1611/4 5:33PM
35% of PC gamers are female (Archived)
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i0S47711/4 5:18PM