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A console gamers realization (Archived)
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ThePCElitist115/1 1:05PM
Windows XP updates (Archived)
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romsnbombs195/1 12:49PM
AMD FX-8350 vs Intel Core i5-3470 which is better? (Archived)
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GunsSlashRoses175/1 12:45PM
Well. for time related shenanigans... (Archived)DragonRaizen75/1 12:16PM
Do not use Origin because ... (Archived)
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Chenmaster2245/1 12:13PM
Thomas was alone (Archived)Super_trunkx35/1 11:16AM
I just purchased Geometry Wars (Steam Help) (Archived)SkilzMC15/1 10:57AM
How big is your Steam game collection? (Poll)
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Trance_Fan375/1 10:43AM
Oh look, steam is having server problems again. (Archived)water111165/1 10:38AM
You know the cover for the Star Wars weekend deal is pretty misleading... (Archived)NotQuiteAFreak55/1 10:34AM
Steam is being dumb. (Archived)SleepComa85/1 10:33AM
I seek vengeance (Archived)
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fatboy44245/1 10:08AM
Chance of the other CoD's going for any lower? (Archived)NotQuiteAFreak35/1 10:04AM
Opinion on Reaper of souls? (Archived)
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TowerBooks3192225/1 9:30AM
Really close to 100,000 for petition to FCC (Archived)
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blueheart100525/1 9:11AM
Going from an ATI HD5670 to a R9 270 both from HIS? How much will I notice? (Archived)
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AC_Dragonfire155/1 9:11AM
I got a new computer today (Archived)ThePCElitist25/1 9:00AM
Build now with cheap GPU or wait till Black Friday? (Archived)h3IIfir3pho3nix65/1 8:40AM
Solid, comfortable headset for gaming? (Archived)R_Jackal15/1 8:39AM
That moment when you save your mechanical keyboard from a sticky demise... (Archived)Cool_Dude66795/1 7:47AM