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whats the meaning of ocing memory clock?imprezas611/8 10:52AM
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R9 380 4 GIG or R9 290X 4 GIG?
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How good is Witcher 3 compared to 2 ?Dual-Shock3911/8 9:52AM
Question about sli and a pcie slotPIITB415811/8 9:48AM
OMG, Sonic Lost World really is bad.
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Risa_Omomo5211/8 9:42AM
What to buy to clean an extremely dirty monitor?darkmaian23811/8 8:50AM
Will changing the size of icons and the desktop display affect my gaming?Macdaddyruss1211/8 7:57AM
It makes me feel bad to see pcs' best game ever...
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Axeel1411/8 7:42AM
Pretend that Xbox One and PS4 could run your OS of choice. Would you buy one?runrom911/8 7:11AM
Don't Look at Steam Forums for Fallout 4... :/
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Lisbeth3711/8 6:44AM
Which game will be more popular for PC gamers to play: Fallout 4 or Black Ops 3?Solnot1011/8 6:30AM
Mid-range PC, Mid-range Price, Windows 8 (or lower). What to look for?
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McCutchen1111/8 6:02AM
Give me a list of "Controller-Only" PC games.Risa_Omomo1011/8 5:09AM
What's that one video player that's similar/better than VLC again?Oakland510_811/8 4:51AM
Is this a good mousepad?Yombiee111/8 4:35AM
Best GPU upgrade from a 290x? 3440x1440p
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PIITB4151511/8 2:31AM