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Trance_Fan's PS4 PC "killer" guide (Archived)
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Trance_Fan129/26 1:24PM
I've never played Wasteland 1, but I love Fallout 1/2, is Wasteland 2 similar? (Archived)
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ebj767139/26 1:22PM
Favorite PC game quotes? (Archived)
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-5xad0w-279/26 1:15PM
You can now buy (pre-order) 4k, 1ms, G-SYNC enabled monitors. (Archived)Dirk85UK79/26 12:58PM
GTX 980 is god. (Archived)
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Billy Trance149/26 12:55PM
need some help with running this game (Archived)k1zzl3_8229/26 12:28PM
any good couch coop games release this year? friends coming over tonight (Archived)xVSaNx79/26 12:16PM
So is a mechanical or gaming keyboard really worth it? (Archived)
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SonyHoundDawg119/26 11:48AM
will i7 6930k be 8-core instead of 6? (Archived)MaryJHappy79/26 11:44AM
when company sends their top line product to reviewers for review (Archived)MaryJHappy59/26 11:39AM
Anybody else get messages about Steam revoking games you didn't even have? (Archived)Mordecai the Mad109/26 11:03AM
How is this Cyberpower PC? (Archived)LIsJustice49/26 11:02AM
y0, PC bros, is Steam down? (Archived)Xeeh_Bitz79/26 10:50AM
Recommended Low Spec MMOs? (Archived)Shad0w_Trainer89/26 10:40AM
Other games with combat like Mass Effect 2&3? (Archived)twoud19/26 10:35AM
Evil Within Recommended Specs 4GB VRAM!!! (Archived)
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Necrohaul670589/26 10:24AM
Tinykeep looks aces (Archived)pothocket39/26 10:16AM
Computer randomly shutting off, require some assistance. (Archived)
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Setzera189/26 10:11AM
Your favorite sidekick? (Archived)youshallbeasgod89/26 10:07AM
what would you do with $500 upgrade. (Archived)MaryJHappy49/26 9:56AM