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I wont give a crap about Virtual Reality till I can play a .HACK MMO on it (Archived)
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dioxxys143/31 1:31AM
Going to be building my first computer tomorrow. Anything I should know? (Archived)Xa3r0x103/31 1:22AM
Anything good coming out in April? Aside from the GOTY Goat Simulator? (Archived)
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chia153/31 1:09AM
Got a blue screen recently... (Archived)snae9953/30 10:42PM
Recommended MMO's? (Archived)
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AnagraRiver153/30 10:24PM
Who the hell is asking for these ridiculous simulator games? (Archived)
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King_Gheedorah463/30 9:48PM
Elder Scrolls Online will be F2P soon anyway. (Archived)
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MrMonkhouse253/30 9:35PM
Missing document question. (Archived)WiKeD43/30 9:23PM
Now that i have a gaming PC, i can tell Steam is going to hurt my wallet. (Archived)
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Merc123163/30 9:03PM
PCH PSA: Time for PC spring cleaning! (Archived)protools198353/30 8:49PM
FF7 sale question (Archived)Phaser2323/30 7:32PM
more games should follow WoW's lead (Archived)
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turbogoon383/30 7:26PM
Modding FF7 (Archived)bkkorps83/30 7:03PM
Re: Connecting a console to a computer monitor through DVI (Archived)
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ZBug_213/30 6:49PM
I've been playing a lot of CoD4 recently... (Archived)Grunt40103/30 6:46PM
How do I play my game? (AC2) (Archived)Senkoy33/30 6:07PM
Dota 2, Steam, and Korea.... (Archived)happyscrub193/30 6:03PM
Thinking of building my first computer...... (Archived)Falco22243/30 6:01PM
anyone who is playing RoS (Archived)chrono62583/30 5:47PM
Future build. Help and suggestions appreciated. (Archived)gtaking553/30 5:06PM