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Why buying an AMD card solely for mining is stupid: (Archived)
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MasterDonGero231/19 1:46PM
Your PC is stolen... (Archived)
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Second_Hokage651/19 12:51PM
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I just physically can't handle Windows 8.1 (Archived)
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Kyle1022371/19 12:27PM
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Laptop worked with new charger once, now won't turn on at all. (Archived)Shark_Laser81/19 11:13AM
Help with possible gpu upgrade (Archived)tiger819111/19 11:04AM
Is it just me or has AI not really improved this past decade or so? (Archived)
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Bazooka_Penguin351/19 10:43AM
Watching cutscenes - is it acceptable? (Poll)
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Angurvadal131/19 10:36AM
Competitive fighting game (Archived)shubon131/19 10:04AM
about bundlestars (Archived)eCCoBogd101/19 10:00AM