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What do you mainly prefer in PC gaming over console gaming?
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xXCloudoXx883/14 6:14PM
Looking to start a new Low Elo LCS Tournament! :)zswetz33/14 5:57PM
Question about uplayitachi0043/14 5:51PM
Who else is a member of the Uplay Master Race?
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ZeroRaider133/14 5:50PM
Leaked benchmarks for Titan x, 390x, 980ti and 960ti
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auntfafajk233/14 5:41PM
Could a PSU cause freezing?Cremacious73/14 5:04PM
Codespells gamegames_pot153/14 4:37PM
What are fighting games like on PC?o___Okami103/14 4:17PM
Would you be interested to have Destiny for PC?
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SaQu1B493/14 4:02PM
Garry's mod help please?redbluedevilz1223/14 3:44PM
Looking for a headset (PC) with with push to talkTheMeanRock43/14 3:42PM
LoL vs. Smitemaoriwarrior63/14 3:27PM
What is the worst gaming sequel?
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FireBeaver663/14 3:23PM
Can you tell if a Steam game supports Family Sharing before you buy it?AdeonWriter63/14 3:18PM
So did I just lose the silicon lottery massively, or am I doing something wrong?Northernly73/14 2:54PM
Does Ori and The Blind Forest have forced FXAA or something?WyzeGye83/14 2:41PM
What are some of the bestpc exclusives of the last year and near future?Voelger43/14 2:39PM
Do you have your case horizontal or vertical?
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chronotrig100423/14 2:34PM
To no surprise Valve gets an F by the Better Business Bureau
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ibanez_rocker06353/14 2:20PM
X3:AP questionsXantose16143/14 2:02PM