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Hey PCH, what should I play? Evil Within or Deus Ex: HR? (Archived)protools198381/24 8:57AM
Anybody playing Toxikk? (Archived)unsolidsnake81/24 8:30AM
Reformat OS without losing any of my files? (Archived)
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Sholan111/24 8:27AM
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Have you or someone you know actually built one of those ~$400 gaming PCs? (Archived)
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TheEntitledOne641/24 7:34AM
Is it even worth grabbing a new gpu at the moment? (Archived)croy0214981/24 7:22AM
Is the Gigabyte Support (drivers) Website always so glitchy? (Archived)purerage61/24 7:16AM
Good RTS for someone who isn't good at/easily flustered by RTS titles? (Archived)
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GeminiX7381/24 7:10AM
Can you be "too patient" for some games? (Archived)Darth_Kamcio21/24 6:35AM
Shadowrun Returns Hong Kong coming to Kickstarter January 13th. (Archived)
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L0rdCrump991/24 6:04AM
I've started up Path of Exile after not playing for 2 years and I'm impressed (Archived)Forever Shadowed21/24 5:54AM
Any "FreeSync" monitors out yet? (Archived)MannerHatchery21/24 5:10AM
Someone should file a class-action lawsuit against nVidia. (Archived)
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EightDayCandler151/24 4:34AM
Reaction to the Hololens (Archived)Taitao101/24 4:24AM
Will this PC play some games? (Archived)
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ineedhelp212181/24 4:08AM
Typically do you guys always buy complete Steam game packs including all DLC ? (Archived)Kano9291/24 3:38AM
Need help with Wine on Mac... (sorry I know this is a PC board.) (Archived)Evenglare21/24 2:43AM
LF Deep RPG (Archived)SkyCake101/24 2:41AM
Any of you guys in University for IT? (Archived)
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Dark222161/24 2:35AM
Is the Asus Mars 760x2 a good value at $400? (Archived)Conker31/24 1:47AM