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is 650$ CAD too much for this rig? (Archived)
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CromTak1712/13 7:05AM
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G-sync make the Nvidia always run at 100% (Archived)Mr kitty712/13 2:52AM
Are IPS panels supposed to have good dark colors, particularly black? (Archived)
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Zachnorn4112/12 11:46PM
Yikes i think my HDD is failing, FAST. pic inside (Archived)simpfan2k6212/12 11:42PM
Firefox debuts new UI that looks like Chrome. (Archived)
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Ambusher864212/12 11:42PM
I have some games from the Humble Jumbo Bundle for you guys. (Archived)
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superstud69x2412/12 10:42PM
Getting a new Gaming PC, need opinions from the experts (Archived)
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flySaber2512/12 10:31PM
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