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Is nobody else sick of this evolution towards these immersive open world games? (Archived)
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megamanzero10003511/3 7:23AM
how is the gothic series, RPG veteran of PC board? (Archived)
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apolloooo2211/3 7:23AM
Help me decide my upgrade path! :) (Archived)VoyagerMNL711/3 6:42AM
Need a recommendation of a game to play off my list. (Archived)Zantetsuken_14811/3 6:42AM
Is 78-79 degrees acceptable for gpu temp on a gtx 660? (Archived)moogythejork511/3 6:18AM
How much better is the GTX 970 compared to the GTX 670? (Archived)
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Aorokusho1511/3 6:12AM
Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires PC confirmed! (Archived)
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Broccoli922711/3 5:53AM
Computer Building Help (Archived)
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FlowerGurlVII1611/3 5:48AM
Need help picking parts (Archived)LordBaconz411/3 3:42AM
how are the witcher games? (Archived)
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Boywonder12611/3 2:56AM
is there any way to fix this display labeling issue? (Archived)WyzeGye511/3 2:26AM
Name a lesser known indie game and why you like it (Archived)
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locky7233911/3 1:55AM
Steam game downloaded at 100% but wont let me play (Still downloading?) (Archived)son_gogetto211/3 1:54AM
Happy birthday to our lord gabe newell (Archived)Floppyfish1411/3 1:50AM
Baldur's Gate with mods or Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (Archived)
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nominturddaddy2411/3 1:48AM
Evolve alpha extended to Nov 4 (Archived)Cool_Dude667211/3 1:11AM
Anyone else frustrated at the current GPU market? (Archived)Judgmenl1011/3 1:00AM
not sure if this topic is allowed, (VPN) (Archived)thebladeofwoe1011/3 12:24AM
I feel like a totally irresponsible doofus for my GTX 770 > GTX 970 upgrade (Archived)
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jebral2911/2 11:58PM
What letter starts the most titles of your games? (Archived)
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alsroboshack1711/2 11:47PM