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I'm building a $500 gaming pc (Archived)Mkmaster24001012/10 8:28PM
Just want to show you the gaming headset that I purchased back in August! (Archived)
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Raikozy1112/10 8:27PM
Is it possible to make a mini-itx PC for cheap? Like $300 or less? (Archived)JohnnyBananas26712/10 8:20PM
Friend wants to upgrade psu and graphics card, I have some worries (Archived)silvergokuZ912/10 8:01PM
Anyone play The Hunter? (Archived)blakegalloway212/10 8:01PM
lookin for a good monitor (Archived)Darkneo20112/10 7:52PM
Why does Bungie hate PC? (Archived)
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ganonhateslink2012/10 7:48PM
Anyone have that website that gives video guides to building a PC? (Archived)Forte612512/10 7:48PM
Wanting a little more advice on first computer build (Archived)DarkBiohazard412/10 7:44PM
Just a reminder, Midweek Madness for Dragon Age and LA Noire. (Archived)harcoreblazer112/10 7:41PM
3 games I don't have added to humble bundle woot! (Archived)DetectivPenguin212/10 7:40PM
Looking to find a specific type of game... (Archived)nicoga3000512/10 7:38PM
did anyone else see the poll say it's been 20 years since doom and **** bricks? (Archived)sortajan512/10 7:36PM
Anyone tried a mouse like this? (Archived)Lobomoon412/10 7:23PM
I think I'm finding I like different games than I want to like (Archived)gsf4lyfe412/10 6:27PM
For those folks with laptops containing nVidia cards... (Archived)anthrax360x212/10 6:12PM
1080p or 1440? 60hz or 120hz? 24in or 27in? This is worse than choosing a mouse! (Archived)
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LtMessiahDM5042512/10 6:06PM
Doom turns 20 today... (Archived)
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Lord_Vader2512/10 5:52PM
How much do you overclock? (Archived)fuzzyman512/10 5:43PM
gtx 670 sli upgrade to a 780ti? (Archived)murphy2301012/10 5:40PM