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Certain websites won't load. (Archived)Ame_no_Murakumo712/10 3:55AM
When using my Microphone, all audio output is in mono. (Archived)
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TheAnthraxBunny1212/10 3:36AM
Good mods for Dark Souls? (Archived)svr2006gawd312/10 3:17AM
Blacks are really grainy in games (Archived)
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SoundNetwork2112/10 3:16AM you guys ever donate to Wikipedia? (Archived)
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runrom3212/10 2:26AM
40 hours in starbound... WTF!?! (Archived)
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WyzeGye1612/10 1:05AM
Should a quiet mid-range gaming PC have a 650, 650 Ti, 650 Ti Boost, or 660? (Archived)The cranky hermit512/10 12:24AM
Should I get the GTX 770 4GB or wait for the GTX 780 to drop in price? (Archived)
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MuayThaiJesus1612/10 12:08AM
How is Two Worlds? (Archived)StonedApe7200612/9 11:54PM
mobo advice for i5 4670k (Archived)DCdemonic1412/9 11:48PM
So, my I5 2500k has been at 4.4ghz for 2 weeks, stable. (Archived)
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Omegachaos871212/9 11:37PM
How can we download stuff while in sleep mode in Windows 7? (Archived)BigB0ss131012/9 10:48PM
Good, relatively cheap, Kb/M for gaming? (Archived)
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NE_PatriotsFan1412/9 10:16PM
Mobo screws do not line up with the case (Archived)000max912/9 10:13PM
Where's Skies of Arcadia HD? (Archived)
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SuperShadowAce1312/9 10:03PM
Any news on the GTX 800 series yet? (Archived)Disastersaurus712/9 9:37PM
What software tools are in your "repair kit"? (Archived)-CJF-112/9 9:34PM
darkness 2 worth it for coop? (Archived)PIITB415612/9 9:30PM
Is there a multiplayer shooter where you fight each other with mechs.. (Archived)Lobomoon812/9 9:27PM
This is complete and utter garbage (Archived)
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fatboy444912/9 9:22PM