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Suggestions for Graphics Card and HD upgrade from current specs for Oculus Rift (Archived)
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Schwub182/18 3:13PM
Dark Souls 2 Release Date? (Archived)
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tigers5123192/18 3:00PM
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Boge202/18 2:56PM
Where do you stand in the PC Master Race spectrum? (Poll)
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AMD prices may finally go back down, Maxwell is amazing at mining, 750ti numbers (Archived)PhilOnDez102/18 2:24PM
Switched from VGA to HDMI on 1920x1200 monitor...having problems :( (Archived)
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protomole64122/18 1:55PM
What's a good, modern racing sim that isn't iRacing? (nt) (Archived)Psythik72/18 1:55PM