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Sold all my cards, still $0.73 short of being able to buy Final Fantasy III (Archived)
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Green Team is a bunch of nerds. (Archived)
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Nineteen99126/22 7:11AM
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So the Skyrim Legendary Edition is 6.79 but the Dragonborn expansion is 6.99 (Archived)
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kingjosh1876176/22 7:09AM
"Consoles have 8 cores, so I need an 8 core CPU, right?" (Archived)ZombieAkane16/22 7:01AM
Green team is best team (Archived)
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Skul_146/22 6:53AM
Qucik Question: if there's a flash deal during the Steam sale... (Archived)Chaos_Missile26/22 6:51AM
Getting a new PC. Thoughts on this one? (Archived)
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Binba442616/22 6:46AM
I wish more games had native boarderless windowed mode. (Archived)Judgmenl16/22 6:29AM
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