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Help an audio noob pick out/set up a 5.1 system (Archived)MyDogSkip610/31 9:58AM
is it worth updating a GTX 660 yet? (Archived)ArmyOfDarkness_910/31 8:12AM
So did you sign that PC petition that made Valkyria Chronicles possible? (Archived)crimsonclaw111610/31 8:08AM
I seen the Hatred Trailer to see what's so controversial about it... (Archived)GGuitarGuy95510/31 7:58AM
CPU temps 60 - 70c while gaming, even with a water cooler. (Archived)
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el_Dubble1310/31 7:57AM
What type of game is Neverwinter Nights? (Archived)Exater610/31 7:55AM
Is F.E.A.R. Online as good as F.E.A.R. Combat? (Archived)LMTTN910/31 7:12AM
How spooky is DreadOut? (Archived)Dark__Throne510/31 7:10AM
Trying to remember a very old topdown spelling game mix from the 90s. (Archived)SunSoI210/31 6:56AM
Depressing times to be a gamer (especially a PC gamer). (Archived)
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Sedated22110/31 6:55AM
Feeling nostalgic.. Remember when the Radeon 9800 pro was the king? (Archived)
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darklink101711110/31 6:36AM
do you consider yourself a pro pc gamer (Archived)
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GameVisions2210/31 6:13AM
Those of you that use your PC from a couch or bed.... (Archived)EternalNether710/31 6:09AM
Trackmania and Shootmania (Archived)AnotherAlt51646710/31 5:53AM
YouTube is Allowing 60FPS for Everyone Now (Archived)
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Madmicky9333110/31 5:50AM
How do you find mods? (Archived)temoorashraf910/31 4:36AM
So now that Youtube has a 60FPS playback function... (Archived)KabtheMentat910/31 4:04AM
I haven't updated my video card driver in 3 years. (Archived)WalkingCasino910/31 3:30AM
i'm tired of being socially oppressed because i'm a pc gamer (Archived)
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runrom2110/31 1:38AM
What would happen if Steam or Origin were shut down... (Archived)
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Lord_Vader2010/31 1:14AM