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Mafia II and Bioshock for Steam. (first come, first serve) (Archived)-5xad0w-57/8 11:28AM
Any remotely interesting recent RPG that is not turn based.. (Archived)
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jake-sf207/8 11:11AM
Maxis explains why Sims 4 wont have toddlers and pools. (Archived)
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Nemerlight377/8 11:09AM
IE11 top of the game? srsly? (Archived)
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auginiste187/8 11:06AM
There are two types of people as far as Divinty:OS is concerned. (Archived)
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Brutal_Felix347/8 11:01AM
windows 8.1 got better!!! (Archived)
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elsmitty377/8 10:54AM
Bioware pandering to the LGBT community again (REBOOT). (Archived)
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InferiorPeasant1847/8 10:45AM
What the crap is wrong with my internet ... only some sites will load ?? (Archived)Splatulated87/8 10:30AM
Looking for a high end moba (Archived)ntstambo277/8 10:30AM
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Building first gaming PC (Archived)AshAcrimonious27/8 10:02AM
AMD laptops integrated graphics the best for gaming? (among other integrated?) (Archived)
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KappaFace177/8 10:00AM
Hands on with Hand of Fate - a new roguelike released in Early Access (Archived)
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pothocket117/8 9:53AM
Question about power bank (Archived)itachi0087/8 9:51AM
Severe Internet issues since returning from vacation. Please help with diagnosis (Archived)Springer107/8 9:02AM
Does anyone remember the Lore of the Foxconn 7900gs? (Archived)GardianBou17/8 8:54AM
new kickstarter project surpasses goal by more than wasteland 2. looks promising (Archived)
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wentzelot157/8 8:40AM
HDMI and VGA (Archived)Terrorknight387/8 8:30AM
PC news. PC's favorite mmo is getting new updates, stories and content (Archived)xenosaga12367/8 8:29AM
Laptop question (Archived)skullknightz8847/8 8:14AM