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So with DS2 being out on PC now (Archived)
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noimnoturdaddy244/26 7:11AM
gearbox should really include an island/Southern Ocean setting for BL3 (Archived)Ivany200894/26 5:55AM
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Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard: spacebar sticking (Archived)Kyle102224/26 1:18AM
Thoughts on Blizzard Ent company and their games? (Archived)
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MrMonkhouse494/26 12:49AM
Is it possible to reset the admin password on Windows 7? (Archived)
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Shark_Laser214/26 12:21AM
Jamestown crashes on boot. (Archived)thatauthor54/25 11:57PM
whats that endless legend game about? (Archived)Grey_Asakura14/25 10:37PM
Have you tried Oculus Rift? What did you think? (Poll)
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lazy_titan264/25 10:28PM
Does Kotor 1 & 2 have any sexual or gay content? (Archived)
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sonic_man00234/25 10:12PM
Do you miss the Steam Franchise/Publisher sales? (Poll)
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Trance_Fan124/25 9:44PM
more free marvel heroes stuff (Archived)
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CourtofOwls144/25 9:24PM
Name some fun couch co-op games (Archived)protools198384/25 9:15PM
Finished my new PC today thoughts? (Archived)
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Cowboy082288134/25 8:59PM
looking for new comp to run mmos (wow eso) (Archived)Warlord-Lance74/25 8:11PM
Branbekka Poll Day 9: Have You Played - Magicka? (Poll)Arucard0554/25 7:57PM
can't find the "change when computer goes into sleep mode" option (Archived)thefinalzapkeet54/25 7:43PM
Longest match, can we confirm Scythe of Vyse is a game winner? (Archived)Springer24/25 7:22PM
how much is my build worth? (Archived)meshflesh34/25 7:19PM