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Just played a couple hours of dark souls... Wow (very light spoilers) (Archived)
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locky723641/24 8:24PM
How much of a difference would a Asus ac66u be over a n600 netgear? (Archived)Voelger31/24 8:18PM
Can you do anything with two different generations of ATi cards? (Archived)Unsugarized_Foo51/24 8:04PM
STALKER Online? (Archived)TaintedEon61/24 7:50PM
Question about HDMI PC to TV delay (Archived)
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DartDragoon241/24 7:42PM
Why do people say the max a human eye can see is 60HZ? (Archived)
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Sempiterna651/24 7:38PM
Monitor upgrade question?? (Archived)sonicteam2k131/24 7:33PM
I'm having a horrible experience with my wifi and have some questions. (Archived)
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NinjaGuerra131/24 7:06PM
Anyone play Attack on Titan Tribute Game and have Teamspeak? (Archived)aceofpilots71/24 6:49PM
These are the games in my Steam library I've never played. Are any of them good? (Archived)
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Psythik231/24 6:34PM
dualshock 4 issue (Archived)Jierdan11/24 6:16PM
Good gaming headset AMP? (Archived)
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velvet_hammer141/24 6:14PM
I have a decent internet connection but get terrible pings. (Archived)
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Askeladd171/24 5:58PM
My budget is $800... (Archived)crynryan21/24 5:55PM
Cool Upcoming Title forgotten (Archived)necrogodomega81/24 5:43PM
I have GTX 680 2GB, but want to upgrade. Should I wait for Maxwell or what? (Archived)
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GalaxyNexus161/24 5:43PM
Windows 9 next year (Archived)
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ChromaticAngel181/24 5:42PM
Ugh....I just signed into Chrome what a mistake... (Archived)
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MASKOAAA111/24 5:42PM
need a new monitor (Archived)ryouma1741/24 5:27PM
'Hover Over' Text Not Displaying in Chrome. (Archived)Monixion41/24 5:10PM