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You're trying to put slower hardware to use: do you install Windows 7 or Linux?runrom48/11 4:58PM
So 4790k is more powerful than skylake
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Waytoodeep03188/11 4:42PM
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Just finished building my PC...
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Anything out there that is free and better than AVAST Free?
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EpicKingdom_698/11 3:12PM
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Dragon Age Inquisition or The Sims 4
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ShadowSkillzNL168/11 2:24PM
Whats the normal or safe range for CPU temps?
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Shah138158/11 2:20PM
Anyone ever returned a card that came with a game code and redeemed it?triple s78/11 2:15PM
Star Citizen Gamescom 2015 presentation is incredible
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Trance_Fan308/11 2:05PM
Two Worlds II worth 2 bucks over at BundleStars?
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NewportBox100s168/11 1:59PM
What do you think about computers on a USB stick?ThePCElitist68/11 1:58PM
What's the oldest email you still have access to?
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ThePCElitist378/11 1:56PM
Who wants a Rising Thunder alpha code?TearsfoUniverse18/11 1:42PM
Control the time you spend on video gamesmetaIslug58/11 1:18PM