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Tempted to try XCOM (Archived)
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Chaos_Missile136/21 2:38AM
Is it worth getting a blu-ray player? (Archived)Vmode66/21 2:33AM
Quick, do I buy Day Z or DW8? (Poll)iCurious26/21 2:22AM
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Will Payday 2 run? (Archived)MasonDay56/21 1:40AM
is it just me or is this summer sale a bit lacklustre (Archived)
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trav3901176/21 1:26AM
Is Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends CE worth it? thread (Archived)
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srwghk226/21 12:19AM
Is the PC version of Dynasty Warriors 8 based on the PS3 or PS4 version? (Archived)
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promo123316/21 12:17AM
We're approaching the final days of GFWL (Archived)
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Coffee_Nurse146/20 11:08PM
Remember when you had to achieve things in games you bought to win sale stuff? (Archived)
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Tekken9292116/20 10:53PM
What kind of overclocks should I be doing on my 780 w/ACX (Archived)protools198346/20 10:48PM
Which has better mods? Mount and Blade or M&B: Warband? (Archived)Nenina56/20 9:50PM
Wow @ Broken Sword 5's graphics... (Archived)xenoswug86/20 9:44PM
Plz vote arma 3 (Archived)Delta_F1416/20 9:38PM
How is Santum 2 and Natural Selection? (Archived)lightsout0666/20 9:19PM
Any chance of Dynasty Warriors 8 ever getting the PS4 graphics? (Archived)promo123106/20 9:17PM
Is DMC worth 12.50? (Poll)
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Knighted Dragon426/20 9:10PM
Does Guns of Icarus enjoyable if you have no friend? (Archived)fakewars86/20 9:05PM
Has the Windows Key killed you? (Poll)
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KaijinSurohm686/20 8:54PM
Best PC combo this gen? (Poll)
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Second_Hokage296/20 8:44PM