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Any physical games that don't force me to have steam?
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How important is the video card over the processor?
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Is there any indication to how many games you get in the Humble Bundle monthly?
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Arcsx31310/21 2:57PM
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Ripped Blu-Ray vs digital purchase
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Sephiroth3111910/21 2:53PM
Is Black Friday usually good for buying parts to build a PC?
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Agghh831410/21 2:47PM
Just upgraded to Windows 10, what settings do I need to change?OMI510/21 2:45PM
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My dad took 1,200 butt pictures and they automatically uploaded...
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jedinat2010/21 2:16PM
So I'll be building my own pc for the first time in a couple days...
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thefabregas222410/21 1:49PM
Strange hdmi cable issuesilversonicgoku510/21 1:39PM
Is there a way to balance out audio in media player classic i.e 5.1 to stereosilversonicgoku310/21 1:37PM