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Are PC gamers shy? Reason why you don't use headset w/mic? (Archived)
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jaymart_2k523/16 9:22PM
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X1185113/16 9:11PM
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Awesome steam games that would run on a calculator. (Archived)
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VandelayInc433/16 9:03PM
Does any cheapo HDMI cable suffice ? (Archived)
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Kano92223/16 9:01PM
Update video card drivers application? (Nvidia) (Archived)xLexLuth0rx33/16 8:42PM
Sorry, fellow RollerCoaster Tycoon fans. (Archived)p00platys43/16 8:37PM
anyone know how to solve this problem? (Archived)MaryJHappy13/16 8:30PM
Any pc horror games cull of atmosphere and exploration? On Steam or origin? (Archived)
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Voelger273/16 7:59PM
What is now and the next best car racing sim? (Archived)Nightshift198373/16 7:40PM
Looking for a decent mobo for my i5 4670k (Archived)Xa3r0x83/16 7:38PM
Would it be better to just switch to a Switch over WiFi? (Archived)
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Jiryn153/16 7:34PM
Anyone else have issues with wireless gaming mouse? (Archived)
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Jiazhen163/16 7:11PM
can you mix match gpu cards in one pc? (Archived)Nightshift198383/16 6:22PM
Question on older games and 1080p (Archived)DarkVenom33/16 6:14PM
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The New Razer Blade Ultra-Thin 14" Gaming Laptop (Archived)
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iscareu13333/16 5:22PM
Has a series ever been ruined more completely than EA ruining Mass Effect? (Archived)
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Forever Shadowed803/16 5:19PM
Will reinstalling Windows 8 completely remove Motioninjoy? (Archived)HomstarRunner83/16 4:59PM