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The average Steam user must not be too bright...
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Games with various languages settings can be a source to learn a new language?julianfe312/31/2015
I just got me a Das Model S. Are you jelly?
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Anyone ever bought one of those knockoff, bootleg GPUs? >_>
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Solid Sonic1212/31/2015
Feeling sad that so many PC Japanese Exclusives are not translated?julianfe412/31/2015
Who willingly plays games at the minimum settings?
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What's the new steam policy that holds the sale price of a game?kaMMakaZZi29112/31/2015
Do you add non-Steam games to your Steam library?
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Windows 10 BSOD help.Snowthaproduct212/31/2015
Thoughts on MKX?EpicKingdom_612/31/2015
What do you use for voice chat while gaming?
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Just started Trails in the Sky, have a few questionsFlyinTonite412/31/2015
Your personal gaming year for 2015?Hot_Rod_Prime1012/31/2015
System Shock 2, is it worth picking up now?AlekM1012/31/2015
Any Witcher 3 mod to insert DS4 button icons?NeoSioType412/31/2015
Just learned Rivatuner OSD doesn't work in Just Cause 3it_r_over90001012/31/2015
Is there a way to forward a port to multiple devices?Kyle1022312/31/2015
ITT: I remember....
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C/D: Undertale has one of the best soundtracks in all of gaming.
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turn based tactical strategy/rpg in steam sale
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