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How's this for a 1080p/60fps build to last me 4-5 years?
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MI2Dragon1511/11 5:28AM
Is winrar the best program for the thing it does?Oakland510_911/11 2:27AM
Could my garbage computer run Fallout 4 at the lowest settings at 1080pZenzo961011/11 1:57AM
All the pre-release Fallout 4 graphics bashing...gwizzler311/11 1:39AM
SWEET! Fallout fans, check out this GPU!BackdatedFuture (M)411/11 1:23AM
So I noticed that Mass Effect 3 is getting a lot of votes...
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Marikhen10011/11 12:17AM
Need ideas for a video game.Parmpreet001911/11 12:15AM
looking for good arcade stick for shumps and fighting games any suggestions?wanderer1992511/10 11:45PM
2 TB WD ext hdd for 61 bucks?urmomishawt04711/10 11:44PM
Upgrade, or new pc?arstos911/10 11:42PM
How can I tell if my tablet or tablet battery is corrupted orBlaqkard111/10 11:34PM
Steam controller review - IGN review 5.9
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zak2344811/10 10:33PM
are these video cards the samepacmanreborn88411/10 9:58PM
Undertake needs votes!
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justchill4331211/10 9:25PM
Will an SSD significantly improve my Open World games' load time?danny5329511/10 9:02PM
Is this PC pretty solid for gaming?
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Falling_Dragon73111/10 8:14PM
You guys do know there is a Fallout 4 board right?Fade2black001911/10 8:14PM
Is UT2004 still populated?PuffPuffPastor111/10 8:03PM
2 Free Keys for Devilian and Trove Skyfire Helm to the 24th poster.
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NewportBox100s3411/10 7:42PM
Anyone still playing Divinity Original Sin?jay2101411/10 7:27PM