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What happens to to downloaded game data when you get a refund on Steam?henry32689411/9 1:36PM
24 hours after release: how is BO3 running on your PC?
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DrPandaForest2611/9 1:31PM
Help! Upgraded everything but hard drive, and I get blue screen of death
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zay1lovesGrace2011/9 1:30PM
A fps counter makes me feel secure at night.
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Emperor_Zaphkie1211/9 1:21PM
Anyone found benchmarks for fallout 4bubbub01211/9 12:48PM
Do you finish most of your games?
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Abiz_2011/9 12:40PM
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should i be gaming on my 23' acer h236hl ips monitor, or an older 40' samsung?moogythejork311/9 12:35PM
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Desktop flashing on boot up?nail_bomb_08111/9 11:43AM
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Second screen experiences and Fallout4: good/bad idea?runrom311/9 11:35AM
What is your speaker setup?
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strongo92611/9 11:22AM
Fallout 4 PC Settings
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ToucheAmore1111/9 11:01AM
I was going to pull the trigger on a 256gig ssd but then the price just went up.Fate8411/9 10:54AM
I downloaded FO4 on HDd, is there an easy way to move it to sSD now?slashcut511/9 10:16AM
So what gfx card is equal to a ps4?
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Rawe7311/9 10:15AM
Can someone tell me the best graphics card to safely run off my PSUSletlite611/9 10:14AM
How will fallout 4 run on my pc?thefabregas22411/9 10:06AM