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cleaned pc fans now comp turns on for 49 seconds then turns off
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fallen_acolyte142/28 11:29AM
Best thermal paste for a water cooler?silvergokuZ42/28 11:23AM
Folks do know that the government funded the creation of the internet, right?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
runrom222/28 10:52AM
Playing games off of multiple hard drives.thepenguin5542/28 10:30AM
Question about the alienware alpha.Onipaladin82/28 10:22AM
How would the change to "pay as you use" home internet affect everyone
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Judgmenl302/28 10:15AM
Rockstar dropped some new GTA V for PC screens, looking damn good!
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protools1983292/28 10:01AM
Who wants to wait almost an entire month for a $10 less ModMic 4.0?SMBfan2252/28 9:56AM
I feel like I just threw away 1000$ on a laptop.........
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Merc009332/28 9:51AM
Just got me a K65 RGB.
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unsolidsnake212/28 9:44AM
Favorite kind of multiplayer shooter?
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TwyliteSprinkle212/28 9:32AM
So like, I have an old HDD that has Win XP on it. I want to connect it to my rig
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knightimex182/28 9:31AM
Best Video Editing Software?Whitemike2005242/28 9:13AM
Steam has 125 million active users as of Feb 2015 on a monthly basisTrance_Fan52/28 9:09AM
Razer LycosaPuppetMaster78632/28 8:28AM
Games about Dodgeball.
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
temoorashraf232/28 8:22AM
Other then Staples & Office max/depot what other places sell office chairs ?Kano9222/28 8:22AM
Madcatz Killer Instinct TE 2 Fightstick on pcTreGooda82/28 7:27AM
Does a 2560*1440 monitor make that much of a gaming difference versus 1080p?
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JustAShadowUser222/28 7:09AM
Gaming headset suggestions?unsolidsnake62/28 6:31AM