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Ikaruga Steam Edition is under final debugging. (Archived)
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Dirk85UK192/12 11:43AM
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Firewire Adapter PCI Card Help (Archived)rkpeagle42/12 11:10AM
I told myself I'll never play another F2P game again. (Archived)
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happyscrub1292/12 11:06AM
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Will Gaben ever pull a Flappy Bird and pull Steam? (Archived)
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runrom322/12 9:53AM
I love tiny computers... (Archived)Solid Sonic72/12 9:29AM
Dark Souls won't detect my Xbox 360 controller (Archived)
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MachEvolution132/12 8:19AM
Best free start menu for Windows 8.1? (Archived)temgun22/12 8:01AM
BSOD in game (Archived)zxblood42/12 7:59AM
Help me pick out a monitor please! (Archived)
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angelXboy122/12 7:53AM
Any use to having 2 CPUs? (Archived)Lootman102/12 7:48AM
Best gamepad to use? (Archived)
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aPCplayer112/12 7:21AM
Best looking Steam games waiting to be Greenlit? (Archived)RedZaraki62/12 7:02AM
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Extra codes for Civ V (base game) and Pirates! (Archived)Chakkan82/12 5:33AM