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Resident Evil 4, PC version worth getting over Gamecube? (Archived)
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In theory, I think this/next year is the best time to build a 'future proof' PC (Archived)
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Are the Ys games any good? (Archived)
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Sephiroth311371/12 7:40AM
Is this pre-build ok? (Archived)
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Sephiroth311231/12 7:24AM
AMD, Nvidia, Intel HD -- Which graphics do you plan on buying next? (Poll)
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snkboi491/12 7:13AM
I cannot for the life of me. Connect my 360 controller to PC. I did it the same (Archived)
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DARQ MX171/12 7:00AM
IRC client recommendations? (Archived)
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OSX-Yosemite161/12 6:52AM
I really need more XCOM-ish games (Archived)
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ArcXenos141/12 6:10AM