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How long is a mouse and keyboard suppose to last? (Archived)
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660 Ti is like Arod on ROIDS GTX 760 is like Jordan (Archived)
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Infinity8378463/11 1:18AM
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jdphockey14153/10 9:36PM
How does the Oculus Rift work? (Archived)
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Buying a gaming PC, need advice (Archived)Bl00dlegend83/10 9:17PM
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My fellow weebs, Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is now on Steam (Archived)
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How many games are you usually playing? (Poll)
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lazy_titan113/10 7:36PM
What PC game is your favorite and at least 5 reasons why (Archived)
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MyloMane273/10 6:43PM
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What's the default password to this router? And is this router any good? (Archived)
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BigB0ss13123/10 5:43PM
Need a new router any suggestions? (Archived)dennis94101263/10 5:42PM