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VenomousX1112/9 6:32PM
is a 660ti outdated for gaming? (Archived)
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Deedubau2312/9 6:03PM
Need some multiplayer recommendations, Love Awesomenauts (Archived)MyloMane512/9 6:00PM
Jagged edges in games would be a GPU issue right? (Archived)
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VejitaSS41912/9 5:55PM
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Humble Bundle Store Winter Sales has started (Archived)
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ChrisStarlite1412/9 5:41PM
I'm not a fan of the combat in the Batman games, still worth playing? (Archived)
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PsychoticFury4112/9 5:40PM
Thinking of upgrading to a 980GTX 4Gb from a 670GTX 2Gb. (Archived)
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Abiz_1312/9 5:37PM
Is this Origin's xmas sale? (Archived)SergeantPenguin312/9 5:33PM
2 diferent questions about sound outpout and windows (Archived)imprezas912/9 5:32PM
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**** do relatively cheap wireless headphones exist? Specifically for a TV. (Archived)EvilBeards512/9 4:48PM
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