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PC version for Final Fantasy Type-0 is a possibility says Hajima Tabata (Archived)GodXII49/5 7:45AM
What are the most demanding games you can max out on a $1000 PC? (Archived)
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Do you guys think there's any chance a 390x will beat crossfire 280x's? (Archived)
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Knighted Dragon169/5 7:35AM
Which of these codemasters games should I avoid right now? (Archived)HaxnStash29/5 7:12AM
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Will there ever be batteries that could power gaming laptops for days/weeks? (Archived)
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galfasanta1111149/5 6:47AM
If I have an Asus motherboard would I need a graphics card Asus version? (Archived)Xeron246879/5 6:41AM
How to care for laptop battery life? (Archived)Cobra101039/5 6:37AM
Gaming PC help (Archived)
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hulkzenit249/5 6:28AM
Whats so good about SIMS? (Archived)
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Benjamin_Button129/5 4:29AM
Any suggestions on a casual rpg? (Archived)
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jonahdoom319/5 4:28AM
Help building a very low end pc (Archived)davem20us99/5 3:43AM
Can I upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 7? (Archived)L0Z59/5 2:38AM
Soooooo... Sims 4. (Archived)
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NotQuiteAFreak259/5 2:26AM
Wish I had a way of checking what percentage of my games are from the humble B (Archived)TwyliteSprinkle79/5 2:24AM
Building pc, oculus worries (Archived)MuxTheBest39/5 2:05AM
Real world location based games. (Archived)
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Futureops-209/5 2:01AM
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Heroes of might and magic games, are they good? (Archived)Rawe109/4 11:12PM
Pretty sure my motherboard died. Could use a second guess. (Archived)jing000049/4 11:06PM